"In the Jungle"

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Ausführliche Beschreibung

– by Andrea AA Rassler (Directed by Laura Shann)
A group home for mentally and/or physically challenged young adults serves as the setting for this heart-felt poignant comedy. We follow the house mates on a roller coaster journey of emotion – from the profoundly sad to the charmingly humourous.
Beth and Gabe (owners and caretakers) endeavor to steer this ship through some rough waters, as all in the home fight prejudice and misunderstanding. Yet, in the end, the spirit and familial love in the house is triumphant!

Cast by Order of Appearance
Elaine — Claudia Jessat
Dorothea — Friederike Zeidler
Maggie — Sophie Zeller
Beth — Julia Püschel
Emily — Emily Wessel
Diane — Gillian Skye
Chloe — Anna Herkelrath
Gabe — Jerome Ebeling
Blaine — Juanma Castro
Gloria — Laura Shann